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Who are we? What do we do?

At PocoLoco, we are working on building location-based, extended reality, entertainment experiences by blending the art of storytelling with the latest technology to create an innovative form of entertainment. We intend to take you into a new world and let you interact with them both verbally and physically to unveil a story based on your interaction and choices. Talk, walk, run, fight, shoot, jump, climb, drive and live our stories. Our motive is to create a non-sport interactive entertainment form, which drives the consumer to immerse himself both physically and emotionally in a fictional story-world thereby allowing them to live the experience.

What are your products or services? Who are your Clients?

We are a company with various products and two different services on offer depending on client needs. Our clients are both end consumers who walk into our micro amusement arenas or any business firm with a location and a budget to build one. In the B2B space, we will customize our products according to clients’ interests, location, and budget. We are working on different forms of content-based products like X.R. theme rides, X.R. gaming.X.R. Cinema and X.R. live shows.

How does your product or service works?

In all our products we build an X.R. world where we overlap real locations with virtual ones. We will have real and CGI characters as a part of the narrative. So our customers will essentially be able to walk into these worlds, interact with these characters and act to further proceed through the storyline. The customer will have an experience which would be a mix of the concept of escape rooms with gaming and interactive cinema.

What is an X.R. World?

An X.R. World is where we blur the line between real and virtual locations. It also has real and CGI virtual characters playing crucial roles in the plot. We are working on not only engaging participants through vocal interactions but also to facilitate physical interactions. We are working on integrating different technologies to create a virtual space and make the user experience an illusion of traveling through it. We are also working on creating different types of user interactions with the virtual part of the X.R. world.

Examples of some content.

X.R. Theme Park - Imagine a user walking into a Jurassic Park and looking at Dinosaurs all around.

X.R. Cinema - Let's say there is a hotel room which the user entered and he has the means to break down the crime that took place there. So his job is to figure out the mystery and let the plot unravel based on his interaction with our X.R. World.

We have hundreds of such ideas from team of audience on a battle ship to audience fighting dragons during GanjaWhiteNight performance.

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